As Safe as You Can Possibly Be

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Ben Franklin

My daughter and I were parked out in front of a store in downtown Bakersfield. It was a hot summer day and most people were staying indoors so the streets were pretty empty. As we sat there we saw a young man near the door looking around nervously. It was easy to see something was going on but we didn’t know what. Pretty soon he sidled over to a unlocked bicycle that was parked on the sidewalk where he grabbed the handle bars and walked away. I looked at my daughter and said, “We need to do something.” My daughter said, “Why, dad? You’re not a cop anymore! Why do you want to get involved.”? I said, “Somebody needs to do it.”

Another time we had just finished making a deposit at a drive-up ATM. We stopped for a minute before driving away to make sure everything was put away securely and as I did I looked back and saw in my rear-view mirror two guys on a motorcycle pull up to the ATM where a bank employee was opening the machine.  Immediately I saw them spray mace on the bank employee and then they grabbed the money from the open ATM machine and sped away. In doing so they had to go past me. As I was driving forward I told my companion to get their license number and when they started to get near enough to pass I turned my vehicle into their path to cut them off.  But I was not armed so I decided to let them swerve around the other side of me. As they passed that’s when I saw that the guy on the back had a gun in his hand. I attempted to follow them from a distance to see where they were going but they jumped the center divider and got away.

The point of these two stories is that I believe that people need to do what they can to prevent crime. Safely.

More and more we hear about mass shootings at schools and churches and I decided that I needed to do something. That’s how I became inspired to use everything I’ve learned in my 35 years of law enforcement and security.

When I read what Home Land Security and the FBI tell people to do #1 they mostly say what to do when something happens. And #2 what they are saying is not sufficient to save lives. Very little is said about prevention. My aim is to save lives and I want to save yours. Chances are nothing will ever happen but what if? I would rather have done something than let a chance to do something go by.

With my experience and your help, we can minimize people hurting innocent people. We can do it together.

Our Active Shooter Training

We focus on prevention first and foremost. This is the best way. You don’t want to worry about what would happen if someone came in with a gun and we don’t want you to. That’s why we focus on prevention. If you’re informed about prevention and act then you don’t have to rely on reaction.

However, we do want you to be prepared in case you do need to react. We want you to know the correct way to react. Then you will be as safe as you can possibly be.