How it works

Assessment and Analysis

1 – We will look at your business, institution, or residence to determine the value of what you might lose in the event of an attack. Attack, meaning a theft, a violent action, or disruptive incident. Your potential loss may be money, inventory, infrastructure, information, or human life.

2 – We will then determine the likelihood of such an attack.

3 – Next, we will determine what protective measures you already have in place. These may be surveillance systems, alarm systems, barriers, etc. They may also include IT protection or policies and procedures policies.

4 – After analyses of the above information we will provide you with our recommendations for improving your overall security. These may be new or revised emergency plans, improved physical security systems or changing the way you handle security procedures.

Here’s where we can save you money


Because we are independent we do not sell nor are we associated with any businesses that sell security products or services. Unlike many other companies who advertise Security Consulting we are not restricted to using certain products, guard, or alarm  services. We will strive to find you the highest quality and lowest cost equipment and services. We will seek to implement those items in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

In most cases the money we save you in time and improvements far outweighs our fee. And that’s before you take into account your savings on reduced losses and the increased protection to human life.


Other Services:

Personnel Training

We can train your personnel in active shooter survival, social engineering recognition and general security procedures.

Personnel Screening

We can perform employee background screening.

Incident Investigation

We specialize in employee theft cases but we are available to investigate any type of incident.

Secure Plus Membership

Secure Plus membership provides enhanced security for your business.